Monday, April 10, 2006

Swan late

Last Friday night, myself and Trish were heading for The Factory for a play. It was bucketing down rain and for a change we had an umbrella because we were kinda dressed up because we were going for dinner after the show and I don't have an overcoat for my suit and blah blah blah I was holding an umbrella.

We were just walking along the taxi rank when the damn umbrella got blown inside out - you weren't holding it right says herself. Of course, I was about to lose it like only I can - you were giving out like giving out was going to unbreak it - when we turned the corner at The Harp Tavern and got a hell of a land.

Standing at the door of The Harp was a swan. The swan looked for the world like it was making up it's mind as to go in for a pint or not. We walked past and looked at him with mouths agape and then we just cracked up.

We laughed the whole way to The Factory. Ronan Brennan was there when I arrived and he asked what was so funny.

- We saw a swan.

He didn't get it.

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