Monday, April 10, 2006

Anonymous said...

On 04 April, 2006 14:59, Anonymous said...

...petrol on her hair. we were only messin and it got out of hand. Tony the mouse was only jealous. he had a sister a nurse in L.A.......(STATIC) .....then the jap zeros came real low ,spitting hot lead everywhere..tony lost the head..'fuck youse yellow sons of nippon' he cursed waving the empty jerry can.....(STATIC).......

On 04 April, 2006 19:13, Anonymous said...

..he woke up next to a clonmel whore, her breathing steady and deep, in her face an innocence belying her trade. a fan whirred and the heating pipes wheezed and rattled.somewhere a priest dreamily wiped out a chalice interior, thinking of his last kiss before taking holy orders. Tony the mouse thought ' death would easier than this...'

On 04 April, 2006 19:26, Anonymous said...

...while across the bay the turrets of the warships glinted in the moonlight, the giant dreadnoughts slumbered and in their steel bellies dreamt ten thousand jonahs, who would never see the dawn....(STATIC)

On 07 April, 2006 16:36, Anonymous said...

...or the D.A. will have your badge.And another thing, the girl..
The girl?
Yeah Tony the one in the parking lot..the one on fire.
That girl,what can I tell ya chief,smoke gets in yer eyes, know what I mean...

On 10 April, 2006 21:11, John The Bad said...
... and the chief wonders is Tony maybe just trying a little too hard?

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Anonymous said...

aren't all girls on fire?
one way or another
not that you'd know
waking up
on your own
in the grey dawn
shoulders heaving
babble/chatter/monkey talk
to fill the void
no god
no lamby jesus
to enfold or comfort you
just the tap tap
leak of a cracked cistern
and the dog eared photo of the
you tried to put it into and
the freeze out of family that won't respond
tony the mouse
my arse
tony the terrified
tony the tomb