Saturday, April 29, 2006

Anonymous returns

On 25 April, 2006 12:55, Anonymous said...

aren't all girls on fire?
one way or another
not that you'd know
waking up
on your own
in the grey dawn
shoulders heaving
babble/chatter/monkey talk
to fill the void
no god
no lamby jesus
to enfold or comfort you
just the tap tap
leak of a cracked cistern
and the dog eared photo of the
you tried to put it into and
the freeze out of family that won't respond
tony the mouse
my arse
tony the terrified
tony the tomb

On 29 April, 2006 18:41, John The Bad said...

T... T... T and T.
Titanium T, Tenacious Tony. Usually on a Sunday morning when the grass is greener on this side for a change.
Interstital Tony, bang, smack in the middle of things. Tony's in the thick of it. The centre, the sun, the spiral point. The black hole. No, not a black hole... a supernova! Ywah that's about right.
And, don't talk to me about the lamb of God.
There's days I'd ate the lamb of Christ just to be rid of the fucker...

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