Saturday, April 22, 2006

Making a cod of the whole thing

Bob and Ellen came home with me on Easter Sunday.

After dinner, we went with Daddy to Lough Rynn for a stroll. On encountering a couple of fellas out with their fishing rods, I said to Ellen how nice it was to see young lads out fishing on a good day rather than arsing around the town or getting into trouble.

Daddy caught up with the same bunch a couple of seconds later and asked them if they'd caught anything.

- What? came the reply. - I caught your mother.

Ah, the many wonderful levels of Irish society.

Daddy, wearing Bob's coat.

Ellen: You pair are always posing.

Christ, I look cool.


Anonymous said...

Ya know what, ya kinda do look pretty cool. Must be that Mayo lass rubbing off on ya. You will have a torrid time hoilding your tongue when she is slagging you off after us beating ye.
Im jumpin the gun i know but the odds are stacked in our favour.
And the comment from the fishin boys was funny. From a 3rd party point of view. They were kids and it is Eire your in.

Anonymous said...

Looks like your passing a very nutty log from your ass.
"AHHHH yes, Relief"