Saturday, June 23, 2007

Will we ever learn?

Galway are being tipped for All Ireland glory this year. Now, their performance against Mayo might have been a bit flattering but there's no doubt about it, they are a fine football team. On any given day, they have the beating of anyone in the country. Tomorrow, they take Leitrim on in newly refurbished Páirc Seán MacDiarmada.

Cork hurlers thing the GAA has an anti-Cork bias (what is it about Corkmen that they think the whole country is out to get them? Is it because they're so damn irritating). They don't know how easy they have it. The whole system is skewed in favour of the bigger counties.

Leitrim is a county with only ten senior football clubs... ten clubs. We haven't much hope in winning tomorrow but we do have some. And that's because we simply don't stop fighting. Always punching above our weight and possessing inordinate pride in doing so. And let me tell you, our defence is a fine one and if they play to their full potential and our forwards take their chances and we play with our usual fighting spirit, well... we'll see.

Will we ever learn? I bloody hell hope not.

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