Monday, June 04, 2007

An Táin Bó Cúailgne

In Galway, last week, I bought a comic book... sorry... graphic novel version of the Táin Cúailgne. It's entirely in Irish (including the pictures!) and I've been translating it to English with my limited Irish speaking skills, a Irish-English/English-Irish dictionary and this website. It's just like Kinsella translating the first recension, just like it.

It's not very difficult Irish and I'm making ok progress but I have come across a few words and phrases that I can't translate. For instance (from my notes):

Is eagal liom = unknown
Carbaid = unknown. The line is, capaill agus carbaid, I used "horses and cattle"
Leogo = unknown
Aidhe = unknown. Could be a name

But my favourite is this:

Dar fia! = unknown. The line is, Dar fia! Is fial flaithiúil an bhean í do mháistreas, leogo! Now, fia is a dear... so I translated it, "Dear me! It's a generous and hospitable woman, your mistress, leogo!" I don't know what leogo is either

I didn't do well at this at the Leaving,


Funny thing though, I'm enjoying this exercise a lot. Yet if a teacher had handed me this to do in school, I'd have gone, -that's stoooopid.


I have to say, the comic isn't that well written. I said so to herself and she said, -two days ago, you hadn't a word of Irish in your head but now you're a critic.

Well, she didn't say it in words... she kinda said it by rolling her eyes.

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