Saturday, June 09, 2007

Greens out. For now

So, the talks between the Green Party and Fianna Fáil on the formation of a new government have broken down. Trevor Sergeant said insurmountable differences on climate change, education, health and Government reform were responsible for the breakdown.

This doesn't rule them out of going in with Fianna Fáil but it does show that they weren't willing to compromise on core policy for the sake of entering government. That's a good thing.


Jim said...

Did they actually say there were insurmountable differences? If so, what happened? They were surmountable after all, or they decided who gives a shit, let's get a piece of power.

John The Bad said...

No, look at the deal. They now have that and two senior ministries. Fianna Fáil had to change their stance on a number of issues. If they hadn't, there'd have been no deal.