Saturday, June 23, 2007

When will RTÉ have enough money?

RTÉ show the news live on their website along with other shows, like The Sunday Game. Recently, they've added an ad that you have to watch before the streaming starts. My version of Firefox can't handle this ad so anyone using Linux can't watch the news online any more. Instead of improving this useful service, RTÉ have limited it's access just so they can play another damn ad.

I ask you, what use is RTÉ? Or, at least, what point is the TV license?

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Jim said...

I take your point, but when you listen to the shite from Sky while at the same time having to put up with awful American TV (yes, they make some great programs, but the ratio of crap to good stuff has to be the highest in the world, if you don't count Japan), you don't ask what good is RTE.
By the way, Brian is going to help me out with getting all the different media types working on Kubuntu, the linux version I'm using. I'll let you know how it goes.