Saturday, May 26, 2007


Right back at the start, I said that the next government would be Fianna Fáil/Labour. Twenty minutes ago it looked like my preference, Fianna Fáil/Green Party could do it. Just as I went to write this, Dan Boyle, economics spokesperson for the Greens lost his seat. This is a huge blow. He was a big factor in the "de-mystification" of the party and would have made a fine minister.

It looks like the Green Party just about survived the squeeze from FF and FG and will return to the Dáil with the same number of seats. I think the party should have a big think-in about this election. While the presidential nature of this election was a problem, I think the party's message got lost partly in an attempt to not scare any perspective voters. I hope no-one came to the conclusion that a softly, softly approach would be best. It sure wasn't best for Boyle.

Vincent Browne says that the parties of the left should all opt out of coalition and regroup as a formidable block. Let FF and FG go in together, since they're so alike. I like this kind of thinking but there's no chance.


I just saw John O Donoghue and Jackie Healy Rae (both returned) have a chat on RTÉ -

JOD: You'll be coming with a list, Jack.
JHR: Aye, John and it'll be a sizeable one.
JOD: There was a man who made the pact with the devil. He got a purse that no matter how many times he dipped into, there was always more money.
JHR: Aye, John and I'm ready to move back in with the devil.


Just in - Ciaran Cuffe hangs onto his seat for the Greens. He said he went to the movies during the day to take his mind off of the count, he said he saw The Pirates of Penzance. I think he meant Pirates of the Caribbean - doesn't sound like he had his mind on the movie.

So, while it's not over yet, Bertie and FF look in good shape. The question is, will it be FF/Lab or FF/GP/Ind?


Mary O Rourke just won her old Dáil seat back. Brian Dobson said, - it wouldn't be wise to try and put Mary up on your shoulders.

Audible gasp from John Gormley on the panel.

Dobson soldiered on, - not that you wouldn't be able to... I just don't think she'd appreciate it....


I'm off to bed... ok, watch another half hour, then bed.

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