Sunday, May 06, 2007

In or out, Poodle?

Last night, it looked like the PDs were gonna walk. Now this morning, McDowall has called on Bertie to make a full public statement about his finances ahead of election day but the PDs will not pull out of the government.

This is just like what happened last October - McDowall had the chance to prove his party's worth as watchdogs but baulked.

What's interesting is that by all accounts, McDowall, Harney and O Donnell were good to go but party president Tom Parlon convinced them to hold on. If you ask me, this is because of two things - 1. the PDs don't want to be responsible for pulling down this government; 2. if they do pull out, that pretty much rules them out of going back in with FF after the election.


Hard to say how any of this helps the Greens or not.


One other thing. Even if FF win the election (ie form a government with one or two of the smaller parties or independents), Bertie isn't guaranteed his job. He may well have to go in the post election party negotiations.

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