Thursday, May 17, 2007

Election news

Ok, I'm awful busy so this won't be very long.

This is the closest election in quite some time and thank God for that. Also, I'm seriously starting to think that FF & the PDs are on the way out. While I put little faith in polls (especially for the smaller parties) there's no doubt they can affect the outcome. Constant talk about the Alliance for Change's ongoing momentum can convince the public. However, the run-up to every election involves writing the PDs off.

Last night's messy four way debate between the leaders of the Greens, SF, Labour and the PDs was vaguely interesting. I hate to admit it but McDowell probably put his party back into contention. The fact that for a lot of the debate it was him against the other three will help his cause. Pat Rabbitte looked like he understood this dynamic best so he tried to keep civil at all time.

Gerry Adams amazed me. He was way off his game. He sounded like he didn't know the facts and is maybe not quite as in touch with the concerns of voters in the South as his party would hope.

Trevor Sargent did a fine job, if not a little subdued. Last night somewhat represented his party's major concern - getting squeezed out by the other parties. Also, he only ever mentioned global warming twice. He has a great point to make that investment in renewable energy is the best way to advance our economy yet he just about made it.


Tonight sees the leader's debate between Bertie and Enda. Enda Kenny intrigues me. Sometimes he sounds dynamic and witty and sometimes he sounds like he is on auto pilot. Bertie is an awful speaker, just awful so if he improves at all, he will impress.

This election is still hard to call. We've a week to go but most people have their minds made up with around three days to go. That means that the next few days are vital. I'd imagine there's a lot of undecideds left out there. The debate is the only time we really get to compare the Taoiseach with the man who would be Taoiseach, so many votes will be won or lost tonight.


Honest to God, I have no idea how this election will go for the Green Party. My head says one thing and my heart the other. But trust me, we need to really tackle the issues of the environment over the next twenty years. If we don't start soon, it'll be too late.


One final thought, I hope all the interest in this election - the fact that we seem to have a alternative option open to us this time and how close the whole thing is - ends with the best possible result... a massive turn out on the 24th.

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