Wednesday, March 28, 2007

May as well have Terry Keane

I always said Roy Keane was an idiot. Last week he spouted nonsense about an anti-Cork bias in Irish soccer. Now he's taking a shot at Given saying he's going after a record number of caps for "a pat on the back." I told ya from the start, he's nuts.


But seriously folks, it's amazing how someone can be so spot-on one week (Roy's opinion on the FAI's "that'll do" attitude) and so off the mark the following week. What he said about Shay Given is simply stupid. Is the man's job at Sunderland so easy that he has time to go off on one of our true footballing servants?


Shane said...

I think the media has put a bit of a spin on this one john. Roy was actually on about giving other players a run who travel to friendly games all the time but never start. He singled out Given then, and i think he has a point. Off hand do you us dont know who our second choice keeper was the other night. I dont.

shane said...

All geniuses are flawed in some way. Yes he is nuts but the man has a one track mind. He wants to win everything. Giving a start to another keeper for friendly's gives the team a back up with experience.

Bit of a typo on the last comment. rshing, no time, need to type faster, brain sore from work, me go home now.

John The Bad said...

Good point, Shane. I re-read what Keane said and there is a spin being put on it.

Jim said...

There have been players before who said they wouldn't play in a friendly, and the result was they weren't picked again for a long time (remember David O'Leary and how Charlton ignored him for so long, just because he missed one game).
My point is this: if Given's picked to play, he plays. It's up to the manager to give the other keepers a chance. And when the manager tells our next best keeper to piss off (Paddy Kenny), we should be very thankful Given's there.