Sunday, March 18, 2007

Arah, that's not fair

I suppose it's what you make of it and yesterday I had a lovely day in Mayo with "herself." Unfortunately, the rugby pissed me all the way off and after that I could only see the rain and the pissheads. Why are we such messy drinkers in this country?


I'm at work now and I have a few jigs and reels on the stereo and it's the business. I love being Irish but I hate the smugness - "we're Irish and we're horrid funny and sure doesn't the whole world love us and want to be us and we TRICKED THE DEVIL!" - that's taking over. Ray D'Arcy does a great show on the radio but he's the worst culprit for this bollix.


When I think of IRELAND and, to be honest, I rarely do, I think of home. I think of Sundays in Mohill and the kitchen steamed up with the dinner and Michael O Muircheartaigh on the radio and if that sounds twee, it ain't because that's exactly what's happening right now.


Tom99 said...

Pissheads. How dare they go out and get drunk on St Patricks day.

John The Bad said...