Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I say it again... idiots, slow down

Yesterday brought another first for Ireland - our very first motorway pile up. Over 60 vehicles were involved. The cause of the multiple accidents - heavy fog and motorists speeding. The authorities said that it was lucky no-one was killed. That stood until today, when one of the victims died from her injuries.

Speeding in fog. We don't know how to drive in Ireland. Plain and simple. We can blame the road authorities for not fitting "smart" speed limit signs but this is our fault. The visibility was down to nothing yet no-one slowed down. And people were driving not only without fog lights, but with no lights at all!


It's an Irish mentality. Last Saturday night, I was driving home from Carrick and we hit some fog. Trish said to put on my fog lights. I said - don't be silly, fog lights are for really heavy fog.


No-one learns from any of this. This morning, we had an accident on the N3 near Navan at Garlow Cross. Two lorries and three cars collided when one car clipped several vehicles coming in the opposite direction when it tried to overtake.

The crash happened in foggy conditions.

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