Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I want to let you know about a new project called Playspace, starting Thursday 10th August. Playspace is going to be a regular gathering of people with an interest in theatre - actors, writers, directors, designers and so on. A workshop, a forum, a think-tank, an idea-space - essentially it will be a two-hour meet, probably every two weeks, where we will come together to create. Somewhere that we have the use of a stage, where we can play; kick ideas around; perform for each other; facilitate each other; offer ourselves as raw material for each other's games. To discuss and discover theatre, not just through talk, but through the practice of theatre. A session!

So - if you have specific avenues of theatre you want to explore and understand, bring them to Playspace. If you've never facilitated a workshop and you'd like to try, you can do it at Playspace. If you have an audition and you want a test audience for your performances, if you've written a piece and you want someone to play with it or if you have a strange idea that might work but doesn't yet justify a show - bring it to Playspace. And most of all, if you just want to keep your drama-brain moving, come to Playspace. Playspace will be defined by those who are in it.

Hopefully it will be an idea factory - a place where we spark off each other to create new thoughts, which, once they are solid enough to be projects, get kicked out the door to stand on their own.

I will be using this blog to let you know the where, when and how of Playspace until it gets off the ground. This info is also available on a new webpage at Bob's Google Page. Just click on Entropic Ensemble (the production company that this is happening under) and any up-to-date info on the project over the next couple of weeks will be there. You don't have to get on board right now either, if you'd prefer to leave us to our own devices for a while. But if you're interested, why not get in now and have a say in shaping the project? This is a very good time for the anyone in the amateur/semi-pro drama scene in Sligo to start making some new noise.

If you know anyone who you think should hear about this let me or Bob know. And if you have any thoughts suggestions or comments right now, send them our way.

Time to get busy.

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