Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The People's Republic of North Leitrim

I was talking to someone from Manorhamilton the other day about Leitrim football. She said that one of the reasons that we are so "shite" is that footballers in the north of the county feel it is unfair that they should have to travel down to Carrick to train. Now, ignoring that I felt it a little harsh to call ourselves shite, maybe she has a point. However, Carrick is the county town and that's where the county HQ are located. Also, because so many of the footballers work out of the county, the team often trains in Mullingar or Kells.

So, if having to travel is enough to stop North Leitrim players from playing for their county, you gotta ask yourself, do we even want them?

(Christ, I hope Meehan doesn't see this.)


Sinisilma said...

Yeah, and she doesn't like buns with her burgers either. I bet she cuts her soda bread all wrong.

John The Bad said...

Well, as long as her identity remains a secret.