Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ok Andy

In The Sportsman, Andy Gray had this to say about Roy Keane -

I've no doubt Keane will make a good boss. He's in the same mould as Daglish, Souness and Robson.

Ok, there's a problem with the statement above. Can anyone spot it?


Anonymous said...

Yes Dagleish inherited the best team ever in the 1st Division (now prem)to manage. Souness is a waster (Nuff said) and keegan got found out when he got in to the premiership(Newcastle).
Keane has a long way to go with sunderland but he will do it me thinks. Leitrim abu....

Anonymous said...

Sorry robson is only in his prime as a manager but he will be a good manager in time.

Sinisilma said...

They said he was in mould?

Garrett said...

All three were great players in their era. Souness and Robson were the type
of midfielder that David Beckham only dreamed of becoming.
Kenny Dalglish was one of the finest finishers of the game, winning the
title "King of the Kop"!! Lots of competition there!
Roy Keane! Well, it's debatable if there has ever been a more competitive
captain to play in Europe!
As for Mr. Gray's comment, the only man to succeed as a manager from the
above, was Dalglish. He did, however, take over a team built by Paisley and
then Fagan, but he also made great signings in Peter Beardsley, John Barnes
and John Aldridge, to name just three.
Souness took over in 91, and put Liverpool back fifteen years, in my
opinion. His most recent run in top flight football, saw Newcastle brushing
with relegation, only for Glenn Roeder to take over and steer the team to
almost an UEFA Cup place!
Brian Robson spent a fortune at Middlesbrough, but couldn't get the respect
of his players. His keeping of West Brom in the Premiership in May 05 was a
miracle, but the inevitable took place a year later.
The point is, not all great players make great managers. (Look at Larry Bird
in basketball!!)
Another example is a former teammate of Andy Gray- Peter Reid.
The only big name in the world of football is Franz Beckenbauer, but his
World Cup victory as a coach in 1990, was arguably the most dreadfully
boring World Cup in history!!
Now! Let's talk a wee bit about great managers.
Matt Busby was an average player, who was once a winger for Liverpool! Yet,
he built not one, but TWO tremendous teams at Mancheter United, and won a
European Cup in 1968.
Bill Shankly played at Preston North End, and was in the shadow of the great
Tom Finney. Finney is regarded as one of the greatest English players in
history, yet he never managed any team, to my knowledge. Shankly- well, his
statue stands outside the Kop!
Bob Paisley was listed as a winger in the program for the 1950 FA Cup final
at Wembley, yet he never played, as the manager changed his line-up at the
last minute.
Paisley's recored as Liverpool manager?? In nine seasons, he won six
championships, three European Cups, an EUFA Cup, and three consecutive
League Cups!!
I'm not sure what Andy Gray is trying to say, but, if Roy Keane becomes a
successful manager at the highest level, he will be one of a very few men,
who were totally dominant as a player, AND, became a successfull manager.

John The Bad said...

I agree Garrett, a great player rarely makes a good manager. But I honestly believe that Gray regards the three men he mentioned as great managers.

Anonymous said...

Who is this Roy Keane anyway?

John The Bad said...

To be honest, I don't actually know.

Jim said...

It's very simple.

The World Accoring to Sky Sports:
Everyone's fantastic in everyway.