Sunday, August 12, 2007

Evolution is a fact

Say it once, now say it again.

A lot of people think that evolution is just a theory. They're right. The only problem in that sentence is the word 'just'. You see there's a growing misconception, especially in the US, as to the meaning of the word 'theory'. Here's handy link that I found.

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Jim said...

Until you live in the US, you cannot begin to realise how much of a fundamentalist Christian country it is. People actually have to go to court to fight for keeping creationism off the high school science curriculum and keeping evolution on it.
And the creationists constantly talk about evolution being ONLY a theory and keep bringing up the so called missing link. They shout out, "where's the proof?" when faced with evolution, but expect all to accept creationism without a shred of proof and therefore on blind faith.
Douglas Adams, an atheist, was once interviewed by a US atheist society, and many of the questions he was asked were along the lines of, "do you feel discriminated against, in the UK, for being an atheist?" He admitted he was amazed by the questions. But that's just it; atheists are discriminated against in the US. Think about it - the surest way to NOT get elected in the US is to admit to being an atheist.