Friday, February 02, 2007


I went to see Rocky Balboa a couple of weeks ago. An awful stupid film; way too sentimental. Also, it's nothing new - just a rehash of the original.

I loved it. From the very start, when that music played, I was just grinning. Why did I love it? It's got great heart, that's why. Well done Sylvester Stallone, you deserve the Oscar again!


Saturday morning, before I saw Rocky, myself and herself are just getting up. We're listening the movie show on Lyric. They'd said that they'd be discussing Rocky soon. After a bit, they played an iconic piece of music from the eighties. I hopped out of bed, grabbed my gown (with a hood and all) and started shadow boxing on the bed. Trish came out of the en suite, looks at me for a second and says - you know that's the music to Magnum PI, right?


Walking into town, I told Bob this story in front of Trish and she says - I never said that!

Me - doesn't matter; it's funny.
Trish - but I wouldn't know the music to Magnum.
Me - look, you don't let the truth in the way of a good story.
Trish - it's not even that funny-
Me - well, of course it isn't now after you ruining it!
Trish - you're an eejit.
Bob - oh, I forgot something in the house, I'll catch up with you.


RoryOK said...

Bob - "oh, I forgot something in the house, I'll catch up with you."

He Always says that!

I reckon it's a conspiracy

Sinisilma said...

uh... your blog is talking to me in german.

Don't worry about the conspiracy. Look! American Gladiators!