Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wonder why they got rid off Mailbag....

I left the following on someone's voice mail in RTE about ten minutes ago.

"Hi. I've a question. Why am I not watching Kill Bill? I mean it was on half an hour ago but now I'm seeing that it's raining in Scandinavia. I guess what I really wanna know is, why did you put the news and weather in the middle of Tarantino's 4th film? And not only did you put it in the middle of the movie, you put it in the middle of the massive fight scene! In the middle of the fight scene! You know, the whole film has been building up to this fight scene, and you put the news and weather in the middle of it!

The weather's finished. I'm now watching an ad for a film with Michael Caine. I see, it's on tomorrow night. I guess you're gonna stick the news into it too. Ok, the trailer's finished. Hang on.. yup... you guessed it... ads! Well well well. You know this is why I don't watch TV. I get out videos. I also download stuff. Do you want to know what's happening on Lost? I'm up to date with ABC. Anyway, please stop putting ads in the middle of Tarantino movies or I'll said Uma Thurman over to stick a samurai sword up your-." Beeeeeeeep.


Anonymous said...

I like it. You the man. How on earth did you manage to get through to somebody's voicemail.

There was a time when ITV were the only company who did this but, worryingly, it's becoming more commonplace. I normally end up going to bed and missing the second half.

Hey, wait 'till Sky Sports start to insist on 30min half-time breaks in the Premiership.

Dave said...

Bravo I like the effort you put into your grumbling John it shows a real commitment. If only we were more like you the world would be a more harassed place.