Monday, November 06, 2006

I apologise for the language that follows....

Yesterday in Croke Park was a disgrace.

I recommend you all read Tom Humphries in today's Irish Times. He sums the whole thing up much better than I can.

After ten minutes of complete thuggery from what I can only call Aussie scumbags, we lost four, four of our better players. We only had three on the interchange bench after that.

At one stage, there was a mini-riot taking place when some of the Australians went on the attack (with the ball this time) and scored a goal and, despite the fight going on, the goal was allowed!

Then Sean Boylan told the players he didn't want them to play on after the first quarter. I can't say I blame him in a way but still, that wasn't the sort of thing they needed to hear.

After that, the Aussies beat us soundly. That's the strangest part of it all. They would have beat us without resorting to the shit they pulled.

Our shooting was terrible; there's no excuse for it.

Alan summed it up the best. When this circus started, they had the advantage of the tackle and we had the advantage of the round ball. But now, we still can't get the hang of the tackle but they've not only gotten the hang of the round ball, they're better than us with it.

My solution is, get rid of the mark. Then we might see some flow to the damn game.


The Aussies are motherfucking, goddamn, scumbag knackers. They shouldn't be let back in the country. That they die roaring.

The referees were a joke. Not a set of balls between the four of them. How in the name of holy hell was there not one red card used yesterday? What do you have to do to get sent off in this game? Shoot someone? It's a damn good thing I didn't have a gun yesterday.

Our shots for overs were absolutely awful but I can't criticise the lads too much; that wasn't football out there.

All in all, a rather shit day at the office.


It looks like the GAA wanna pull the plug on the whole thing. I don't want that to happen. When it's played right, it's a good game. And I like the idea of GAA players getting to play for their country. But why does it have to be the Australians? They're wankers.

I'll leave the last word to Sheedy, the Australian coach,

- I think Ireland were the aggressors last week and this week.

Yup, folks, that's the mentality we're dealing with.


Anonymous said...

The following link, if you can access it is from an australian perspective.
Some truth in it. You may or may not agree.,8659,20712795-23211,00.html
Pardon me for the use of a cliche but it is men against boys. Oz rules is more physical and we cannot compete with that physicality. I think the tackle on geraghty was fair. It happens week in week out in Oz rules and is a legit tackle in the hybrid game. Now to say some of the scenes during the game last sunday was disgraceful is an understatement but what do you expect. This has been happening for years but we only give out about it WHEN WE LOOSE.

John The Bad said...

I've looked at the Geraghty tackle and, yes, it was legit.

I've also just read that article my anonymous friend and my favourite quote is this, - Geraghty was out cold. So far gone one of the Australia players actually heard him snoring as he lay on the turf.

That's the mentality I'm talking about. The man was hospitalised and these assholes find time to laugh about it.

As for claiming that we only complain when we lose, well, I've only complained about this behaviour the past two series; when it's been at it's worse. Had we won, I'd still call it what it simply is; thuggery.

Six years ago, they beat us fair and square in Croke Park. I didn't complain about violence then. I accepted it.

Is this the only way they think they can win?

Actually, I've said it already; they'd have beaten us yesterday without resorting to their chosen tactics. They were the better team.

But scum is scum. You can't argue with that.

John The Bad said...

Hmmm. I've been thinking. I have an irrational dislike of Australians that is pretty stupid. So they won and they cheated a bit. Why am I getting so worked up about it? To all Aussies, I apologise.