Monday, October 30, 2006

It's a fecking brilliant world

From today's Irish times. It's the "sex attack" bit I love.

Italy may skirt issue of special loo for 'Luxuria'
John Hooper in Rome

ITALY: The speaker of Italy's lower house of parliament has an unusual problem as he prepares to rule on the appropriate sanitary arrangements for its most singular member.

Wladimiro Guadagno, who prefers to go by his former stage name of Vladimir Luxuria, describes himself as "transgender" and, while he has never had a sex change operation, dresses and behaves entirely as a woman.

Since being elected to parliament in April, the actor- singer-turned-politician has been using the ladies' loos.

But last Friday, the sight of Mr Guadagno adjusting his skirt and preparing to freshen his lipstick proved too much for one of Silvio Berlusconi's supporters. Elisabetta Gardini said she felt as if she had been the victim of a "sex attack".

Peacemakers suggested that a third loo might be created for Mr Guadagno and his assistant, who is of a similar orientation.

But the spokesman for the Christian Democrat Party was adamant that "there are only two genders - male and female".

After a heated session, the house affairs committee dodged the issue by saying that an MP's choice of loo was personal.

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Anonymous said...

Gender has nothing to do with it. It's sex. You can be male by sex but female by gender and the same goes for females...

John The Bad said...

So, what toilet should she use?

Anonymous said...

My point was that the spokesman for the Christian Democrat Party didn't have a valid point. Obviously Vladimir Luxuria is male by sex (unless he's had an operation), but he prefers to be female by gender, so, I don't know maybe a third "loo" would be a good compromise.

John The Bad said...

Maybe. I think we should all crap where we like, unless it's outside my front door.

Anonymous said...

Third loo me arse. Tell him piss in the gents. Who is goin to have to fork out for a third loo???? The tax payer. Imagine where this would lead to in future.

John The Bad said...

Go on... tell me what it may lead to in the future.

Also, would some of you leave a name now and again?