Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crisis in the Horn of Africa, petition


Below is a petition to put pressure on World Leaders to act on famine in Somalia.  Please sign.  And spread the word.

We now have a date and venue for our fund-/awareness-raiser for the Horn of Africa -- ARTS FOR AFRICA, Saturday 20th August at Nuns Island Theatre, Galway.  Details as we get them.


Phone: 00353-87-287-9131

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Date: Jul 28, 2011 3:46 p.m.
Subject: Crisis
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Dear John,

I am currently in Somalia with a relief organisation called Hijra, a partner of Oxfam, witnessing firsthand the heart breaking situation faced by nearly 12 million people, as the region suffers the consequences of one of the worst droughts in 60 years. Oxfam is doing all it can to provide clean lifesaving water to over 1.1 million people so far across Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. But we are facing huge challenges and massive needs. We need to reach more people and can't do it alone.

Last week, the United Nations declared famine in two regions here in Somalia. The UN have said if we don't act now famine could spread to the whole of southern Somalia within two months. It is vital that world leaders take action to ensure all immediate needs are met and long term solutions delivered. Yet despite the urgency of the situation, many governments are responding too slowly with funds to meet the needs of people affected.  

You are one of more than 40,000 people who have signed ONE's petition calling on governments to do more. Thank you. But we now need your help again to spread the campaign to as many people as possible.

Please forward this petition on to people you know:

While there is an immediate need for emergency aid, leaders cannot drop the ball on long term solutions as has too often happened in the past. This is why we need your help to spread the petition far and wide - to put pressure on governments to ease the crisis now and to get back on track with their promises to make long term investments in food and farming in Africa. Please share the petition right now:

If enough of us speak out, we can help put pressure on leaders to act decisively – to stop starvation and its causes.

Thank you

Dau'ud Ali
Hijra  (partner organisation of Oxfam)


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