Sunday, December 17, 2006

Paris report #1

Trish and I arrived in Paris today. The bauld Crossan picked us up at Beauvais and we've had a lovely, chilled-out Sunday. We've had dinner, cooked by Cormac and Yoshimi and I've left pastries behind in a bakery. In fact, we weren't in Paris five minutes and I was wandering around the streets with a baguette.

We've caught mass in Notre Dame! (The old man would be impressed.) Had coffee and a cigar in a cafe and now we're digging into more grub.

Paris at Christmas is a sight to see.

Trish says hi.


Anonymous said...

Mass in Notre Dame??
Has the sheep returned to the flock or was it just for curiosity??

John The Bad said...

Curiosity is all it'll ever be.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha. Thought so.

Anonymous said...

how bout ya make yer way back here and take yer borin job back and let me go to Paris for once