Saturday, July 29, 2006

With it

At work and I got into a conversation with a regular about drama. He asked if I was a performer or a director or what? I said that I act; I might direct someday but I'm not ready yet. He said that he could see me as a director because of how on-the-ball I seem to be or something like that.

Now, anyone who knows me will agree with me that I am nothing like that. So, how does he get such a wrong impression of me? And how do I become more centred, relaxed and on top of things?


Sinisilma said...

Maybe he's a big feckin eejit. And maybe you are too?

John The Bad said...

I'm gonna kill you with words later you hypocritical bollox.

Dave said...

Dont mind him john you've got what it takes

Thats not based on factual evidence but more a vague inkling