Saturday, May 27, 2006

The invigilator

Exams, exams, exams. It feels like everyone's finished but me. I've still two more to go. My exams started at Easter because I had a couple of subjects from last year to repeat. I went into the exam hall early for the first one because I got the time wrong. I got chatting to the Invigilator and he seemed a likeable enough chap. Unfortunately, I mistook his level of laid-backness. Grin on face, I asked if he had the answers in addition to the question papers.

He did a double, no a quadruple take and answered very gravely - No, oh no. We couldn't do that.

I started to explain that I was only kidding but there was no way back. He looked around him to see if anyone was listening in on us. Was I a plant? Was this a test? A test of his invigilation prowess?

- I mean, he went on - I mean, we don't even have the answers here. They wouldn't give us the answers. They'd be back at the college. So, even if I could, I couldn't... not that I would.

I swear to God, I got some invigilating done to me for the whole of that exam.

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Jim said...

Siu, being American (sort of) and therefore speaking American, had never heard the word invigilator until she started lecturing in IT Sligo. She thought it was hilarious. She always had a picture of Schwarzenegger in his terminator role.

So John, you've been invigilated.