Monday, March 27, 2006

One single lousy point

Rang Karl after work yesterday. We lost by a point. We had to play the whole second half with just thirteen men and the tight bastard of a ref gave us nothing (apart from two red cards). Karl said we never deserved to beat them more than we did yesterday.


I like football. No, I love football. (By football, I of course mean Gaelic Football; soccer is good when played well which it rarely is and rugby's better still but football and hurling leave them in the ha'penny place.) Leitrim football means more to me than all the others. This is unfortunate. It would've been much easier to be football mad in Tyrone or any other successful county but when you're from Mohill in Leitrim in Connacht in Ireland, well, you learn to live with defeat.

Except I don't think I have learned. I still get so disappointed when we lose and it hurts.

I don't think non-sports fan understand how much it hurts. I know a good number of my friends have little or no interest in GAA. I also know that some of my friends come very very close to thinking just a little less of me because of my love of the game. I know this because I come very very close to thinking a whole lot less of them because they don't even respect the GAA. I mean, what sort of Irish man isn't into Gaelic Football? The narrow-minded nationalism and sexism in that question says a lot, don't it?

I started this post yesterday in The Left Bank and now that I've returned to it I can't remember where I was going with it so I'll leave it at that.

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